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Engineers who design for manufacturing fabricated metal products have many factors to consider.  Fabricated metal manufacturing is the creation of parts, products, and structures using a variety of materials and there are hundreds of techniques such as cutting, bending, welding, and assembling processes.  Because engineers are often unfamiliar with the tools used for fabrication, their designs frequently require modifications.


Under the ideal circumstances, tolerances and allowances would be exact, and no changes would be required to accommodate the manufacturing process or how the materials react.  However, there are numerous variables, such as hole sizes, bend relief, flange widths, material selection, fabrication tools, and much more that must be taken into account.  


Before your design heads into fabrication, our experienced in-house engineers evaluate your industrial plans to ensure they are designed for manufacturability.

Evaluating the Design for Manufacturing

Our engineers work together with you to make modifications that address any gaps that may exist between the design and the fabrication process that will be used for production.


We use several design packages to analyze various details to verify that your product can be fabricated successfully; strength, durability, and integrity will not be compromised; and it will be able to be assembled and function as intended.


In addition to examining the design itself, we evaluate the fundamental principles of design for manufacturing which also include the process, material, the end use or operating environment, and safety and quality testing and compliance.

We are not just looking for a successful outcome, but also for efficient manufacturing and we may recommend adjustments to produce a better product and or a lower cost.  The evaluation process has proven to eliminate waste, reduce scrap due to errors, improve lead times, simplify needlessly complicated design, and more.

For sheet metal product fabrication to your exact specifications, Franklin Sheet Metal is the clear choice.
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