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Types of Sheet Metal Fabricators

Sheet metal fabricators build machines, structures, products, and parts for countless industries such as aerospace, electronics, industrial manufacturing, military, medical, robotics, transportation and much more. They use a wide variety of machines, tools, and complex processes to produce millions of products that people use every day. Every metal fabrication project is unique with its own specifications and requirements. Some projects are more complicated and require more procedures than others, but the general 5-step manufacturing process includes design & engineering, cutting, forming, and assembly and delivery.

The categories, or types, of metal fabricators include industrial, structural, commercial, and custom.

sheet metal fabricators

Industrial Sheet Metal Fabricators

Industrial fabricators produce heavy machine parts and equipment to serve industries such as aerospace, agriculture, engineering, material handling, energy, and transportation industries. In addition to heavy machine parts, they also create things like tanks, vessels, and silos.

Structural Sheet Metal Fabricators

Structural metal fabricated materials such as rebar and I-beams are often used for reinforcement in construction processes. Rebar is used to strengthen concrete in buildings, roads and driveways, and I-beams provide critical support for the main framework of commercial and industrial buildings. Structural fabricators also produce things like bridges, decks, ramps, loading platforms, stairs, ladders, handrails, walkways and more. Steel is the most commonly use metal for structural metal fabrication, primarily because of its excellent strength to weight ratio.

Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication

Commercial and custom metal fabrication are often used interchangeably. Commercial sheet metal fabricators are typically thought of to create products like sinks, appliances, shelving, awnings, and guardrails that are installed in retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial environments. This category can also include for commercial HVAC systems and ductwork, and decorative products like signs or light fixtures.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication can include anything from ‍artfully crafted architectural elements and railings to metal enclosures and cabinetry for manufacturing machinery and more. Surgical tools, medical instruments, electronic equipment, sterilization cabinets, imaging machinery, and MRI equipment are some products produced for the healthcare industry. For the aerospace industry, it can include structures, surfaces, and assembly systems that fit, fasten, and install parts of airplanes, missiles, or space vehicles.

Sheet metal fabrication is a complex process that is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of a wide variety of needs using a combination of old-world tradition and new-age technology. The applications are limitless.

Sheet Metal Fabricators in Massachusetts

Franklin sheet metal fabricators in Massachusetts is one of the oldest and most dependable fabrication companies in New England with more than six decades of experience designing and fabricating precision metal products. Learn about our processes and services offering.

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