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Custom Steel and Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Steel and aluminum frame fabrication is the foundation for manufacturing a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and structural applications.

Here at Franklin, we fabricate heavy steel frames, lightweight aluminum metal frameworks and everything in-between, according to the approved design specifications. We produce custom frames for structures and equipment used in a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, material handling, food processing, packaging, transport, and more.

Steel and Aluminum frame fabrication

Our experienced fabricators use stick, MIG or TIG processes to weld aluminum or steel tubing, beams, pipes, and plates into pre-engineered designs. We offer post-fabrication processes for frame weldments that provide aesthetic and durability advantages including abrasive blasting, powder coating, and painting.

From prototypes to finished goods, our customers trust our technical expertise to fabricate frames for a myriad of machines and equipment including products like these:

Bakery Ovens

Web Dryers, Sheet Ovens, Radio Frequency Dryers

High Speed Packaging Equipment

Winding Machines

Food Processing Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Industrial Benches

Medical Equipment

Modular Clean Rooms

Construction Projects

Stainless Steel Table Frames

Frame Assemblies

Industrial Cable Equipment

Experienced Steel and Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Franklin Sheet Metal is one of the oldest and most dependable fabrication companies in New England with more than six decades of experience designing and fabricating frames and other metal products. Learn more about our processes and services.

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